The Aware

The human race is full of normal people who walk around all day having no idea of what goes on around them, what truly goes on in the shadows. Those who are Aware, awakened to the real world, have the power to stand up and fight for their people, to spit in the eyes of the dark beasts that roam their world, and if they’re very lucky, live to see tomorrow.

Name Examples

  • Philip, Devon, Anthony, Cole, Cam, Julius, Rashid, Miguel, Hans
  • Cleo, Kirsten, Veronica, Lara, Kim, Laasya, Alisa, Galina, Datu, Hairi

Look Examples

  • Male, female, ambiguous
  • Small body, huge body, tall body, lanky body, sensual body, curvy body, fat body
  • Kind eyes, hard eyes, haggard eyes, sympathetic eyes, curious eyes, sorrowful eyes, cold eyes
  • Small hands, calloused hands, fat hands, soft hands, hairy hands, wrinkled hands

Starting Character Stats (Add 1 to one of these)

  • Blood 0 Heart 1 Mind 2 Spirit -1

Starting Faction Rapport (Add 1 to one of these)

  • Mortality 1 Night 0 Power 1 Wild -1


  • Who are you?
  • How long have you been in the city?
  • How did you learn about the Supernatural?
  • Why is this city worth saving?
  • What do you need?


  • You know about someone’s past that they’d rather keep buried and have kept it buried. Take 2 Debts on them.
  • Someone tried to help you out of a dangerous situation but only got themselves hurt and had to be saved by you. You each take 1 Debt on each other.
  • You shared knowledge with someone that saved their family and/or friends from danger. Take 1 Debt on them.


When you kill a person or when you ignore someone’s crimes against humanity, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move

When you share a moment of intimacy – physical or emotional – with another person, if you love them, you both erase a point of corruption; if you don’t love them, you both mark corruption.

End Move

When you die, each PC chooses whether your death redeems or destroys a part of their humanity. For redemption; they erase a Corruption Advance they have taken, if any. For destruction; they immediately take a Corruption Advance.

Aware Moves

You get this one:


When you keep an eye out, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:

  • What am I missing here?

When you study someone, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:

  • What is your character not telling me?

And choose one more:


You’re trained in the use of various firearms. When you unleash using a firearm, roll with Mind instead of Blood.


When you seek out advice from someone, they will always tell you what they truly think is the right course for you. If you follow their advice, take +1 to any rolls to do so. If you follow their advice but fail at your goal, mark experience.


When you see someone, or something, kill a member of Mortality, take a Debt on them.


When you hit the streets, roll with Mind instead of Faction.


When you get involved in matters not meant for your kind to be in, mark experience.

Corruption Moves

In Too Deep

Whenever a member of Night, Power or Wild cashes in a Debt on you, you may choose to mark experience and corruption.

Dark Company

When you help a character threaten an NPC, add +2 to their roll and mark corruption.


When you let the darkness in to solve a mystery, you may mark corruption to treat your roll as a 10+.

Helpless, More or Less

When you about to suffer harm, you can cash in a Debt on someone to offer them an experience point and a Debt on you if they suffer the harm instead. If they do, mark corruption.

The Aware

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